Nanook – the boys on the block that everyone knows

So – let’s admit it. Nanook, the 5 piece based in Nuuk and Copenhagen, have dominated the music charts in Greenland since their debut in 2009. Nanook is well-appreciated all over Greenland and have recently released their third studio-album “Pissaaneqaqisut” (Those who have great power)” – the band’s name comes from the old inuit religion’s […]

Photo by Steen Olsen

The bumblebee band – Small Time Giants

If you travel to South Greenland you may have all kinds of great experiences, but a mind-blowing concert is not likely to be one of them. Nonetheless, South Greenland has fostered some of the most skilled and internationally oriented bands and artists that the national scene has ever witnessed (just think of Simon Lynge, Angu […]


MALU ROHMANN – kicking up the snow in Greenlandic music

The Greenlandic music scene is as alive and bustling as ever, both in Greenland and Denmark. Malu Rohmann, a Copenhagen-based singer-songwriter, has been writing and performing her own music since 2010 and is one of several new talents emerging on the Greenlandic scene. Rohmann is to this date unsigned and is yet to release an […]



Greenlandic musicians from an international perspective: Every well-informed person who knows anything about our large northerly island called Greenland knows that everyone plays in a band. Well, not quite. Since I just made that up I can’t really confirm this fact, but it’s true that EVERYONE knows someone who is in a band. It’s more […]

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