Hans Mortensen, For Akia, and the Feeling of Greenland

His friends from the music scene in Greenland speak of him as the greatest international talent to have ever come out of Greenland, but they also mention, that he is himself the biggest threat to his own musical potential. Hans Mortensen is a complex person, but with his new band For Akia this complexity seems […]


Gangsta’ in Greenland

Within the last year, the Godfathers of Greenlandic hip-hop, Nuuk Posse, have twice filled up the cultural venue of Greenland, in Nuuk, for an anachronistic performance of a time when all the 30-plus-something from the capital were young, cool and went to Disco Palace downtown on weekends. This performance would perhaps be pathetic, if it […]


Nordic Playlist heads to Nuuk Nordisk Kulturfestival!

By Francine Gorman Launched in January 2014, the Nordic Playlist is a website which thrives on promoting the fantastic, innovative and inspiring music being created by artists within the Nordic region. Musicians of the North We all know how exciting, how unique and how continually creative the musicians of the North are, and now, with music […]

For Akia rocks Akisuanerit Festival 2015!

If you’re into music and also Greenland, then the Akisuanerit Festival is for you. Organised each year in October by Atlantic Music, the festival based in Nuuk pulls in some heavyweight names during the multi-day festival. This year’s busiest night was Saturday evening, with For Akia opening for Nanook, Small Time Giants and alternative rock […]

For Akia band

Small Time Giants launches Arctic Winter Games 2016 theme song!

‘We are the Arctic’ by Small Time Giants Last Sunday, the theme song for Arctic Winter Games 2016 ‘We are the Arctic’ by Small Time Giants  was launched. It received an overwhelmingly positive response for its world premiere in Nuuk, Greenland! There is only six months to go until Arctic Winter Games 2016, a sport and culture […]

small time giants awg2016

Rockstones – from underground to record deal

Rockstones is a 5-piece rock band from Nuuk, who I’ve followed since their wee baby steps as one of the most persistent underground bands in the local scene. The band recently released their debut album ‘Qilammi Ungasissumi’, an album consisting of guitar solos, catchy rock refrains and Greenlandic lyrics. Not only is the band now […]

Foto: Dida G. Heilmann

Iceland’s got Talent in Greenland: Thelma Kajsdóttir Lyberth

She played the guitar, singing a Greenlandic a song she composed three days before. 19-year-old Thelma Kajsdóttir Lyberth sang in the music television show Iceland’s Got Talent and wowed everyone in her debut performance. Born to Icelander Edda Lyberth and Greenlandic father Kaj Lyberth, she resides in Qaqortoq in South Greenland, a town with 3229 people. Originally, Thelma […]

Thelma Lyberth, Icelandic Greenlandic musician

AQQA(LU) ENGELL / UYARAKQ – Full time dad; Part time superhero

Let’s have a look at the Greenlandic musician Aqqalu Engell and his new album. Aqqalu or just Lu, is better known by the stage name Uyarakq is an unique Greenlandic musician, Producer and DJ. He has just been nominated for the Koda Awards 2014 for his human uniqueness and for his work for the Greenlandic […]

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