Small Time Giants talks “We are the Arctic”

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At Akisuanerit Festival 2015. Photo Visit Greenland – Tanny Por

Small Time Giants guarantees a show!

Go to a Small Time Giants concert, and you are sure to be guaranteed a show. There was no exception at the Akisuanerit festival 2015 organised by Atlantic Music, where lead singer Miki and the rest of the band performed for the adoring crowd in Nuuk’s Cultural Center, Katuaq. STG, as they are otherwise known, kicked off their number with their new song “We Are The Arctic”, which is the theme song of the Arctic Winter Games. Their one hour number ended with crowd surfing in the sold out venue. We caught up with them after the festival:

What’s the story behind ‘We Are The Arctic’?

We Are The Arctic is a song about following your dreams and your passion. You have to fight for what you believe in and the things you want to achieve. It is the same if you do sports, play music or whatever it is that make you want to put all your energy into. It is also a song about the spirit of the Arctic countries and its people that unify us all. If we can break down the walls between our countries standing together side by side, it will make us stronger. This is exactly what happens during the Arctic Winter Games.

How did you end up making the AWG theme song?

At the end of 2014 we saw that the Arctic Winter Games 2016 was encouraging musicians with a competition to send in their suggestions for a theme song. We thought this was a great opportunity to try something new and we felt that we had something to give. Since we also had the time during the winter holidays, we sat down in our studio and tried out different ideas. When we found the foundation for the song it didn’t really take long for us to have a demo ready to be sent to the competition. We knew that we had a good song but we didn’t expect anything and when we found out that our song had been chosen we were thrilled and happy to get the opportunity to represent Greenland with our song. Then we talked to our producer Søren Balsner, who had previously recorded our album and asked if he wanted to help us finish this song and have it produced properly.
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At Akisuanerit Festival 2015. Photo: Visit Greenland – Tanny Por

What’s it like living in the Arctic versus the south?

Living in the Arctic means that you are very much dependent on nature or “Sila”. No human has the power of controlling the extreme weather conditions that we have in the arctic. Therefore you will find that people are much more patient and more relaxed if things don’t go as planned. The weather is also what makes the arctic area so beautiful. The crystal clear air combined with the northern light in a snow covered landscape is an experience like no other. It is a unique region that few people inhabit and that is why we are proud to call it our home.

What unifies the Arctic youth?

Many places in the Arctic, the youth grow up in small and often isolated communities. We have to find our own way of entertaining ourselves because entertainment doesn’t come by itself. In Greenland for example you see that almost everyone plays an instrument and likes to sing. The same is with sports. The difficulty is to meet people from other places who are interested in sports or music. It is very difficult to improve your skills if you don’t have anyone to challenge in sports or seek inspiration in music if you don’t get to hear music from other places. This is exactly what makes the Arctic Winter Games so important for the Arctic youth. This is a place where young people with different cultural backgrounds and some with similar cultural backgrounds get to meet and challenge each other in sports and inspire each other on a cultural level coming from faraway.

You can download the song here:

Small Time Giant’s Soundcloud or on AWG2016’s website.
Small Time Giants -Mads Pihl

Small Time Giants in Nuuk during October. Photo: Visit Greenland – Mads Pihl.

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