Rockstones – from underground to record deal

Rockstones is a 5-piece rock band from Nuuk, who I’ve followed since their wee baby steps as one of the most persistent underground bands in the local scene. The band recently released their debut album ‘Qilammi Ungasissumi’, an album consisting of guitar solos, catchy rock refrains and Greenlandic lyrics.

Not only is the band now with a record deal, they both look and sound the part of a rock band. They’ve toured in Greenland, Canada and Denmark, and have a solid fanbase in Nuuk. In short: if you’re looking for a solid Greenlandic rockband, with good melodies and true rock’n’roll guitar solos, Rockstones is the band to go for.

But, as picky a rock fan as I am, I am missing some key elements on the album. The band is talented, but hasn’t found its place in Greenlandic music yet. A general lack of personality and individual sound haunts the the album, and I have a hard time defining what Rockstones really sound like. Not because the craft is bad, but simply because they sound a lot like Chilly Friday, Green Day, Magnetic Northpole and a bunch of other bands. I haven’t lost faith in the band though, there’s lots of potential in the musicians and I’ll be rooting for any underground coming out of Nuuk, anytime.

So here’s to Rockstones, may you keep rocking, releasing albums and develop your sound.

Get the album Qilammi Ungasissumi on iTunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/dk/artist/rockstones/id622513734

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