Iceland’s got Talent in Greenland: Thelma Kajsdóttir Lyberth

Thelma Lyberth, provided by artist.

Musician Thelma Kajsdóttir Lyberth, provided by artist.

She played the guitar, singing a Greenlandic a song she composed three days before.

19-year-old Thelma Kajsdóttir Lyberth sang in the music television show Iceland’s Got Talent and wowed everyone in her debut performance. Born to Icelander Edda Lyberth and Greenlandic father Kaj Lyberth, she resides in Qaqortoq in South Greenland, a town with 3229 people.

Originally, Thelma posted a video to audition for the Icelandic music talent competition to try and improve her confidence and experience something new. The TV producers were so impressed that they flew her over to Iceland to participate.

It didn’t seem to matter that few in the audience understood what she was singing, they were mesmerised anyway.

“I’m actually kind of speechless. I think you’re absolutely wonderful, you glow on stage, you have a wonderful presence, your voice sounds like an angel, and you play the guitar. I kind of have a crush on you,” said Selma Björnsdóttir one of the judges.

Thelma wrote the song about love and the importance of being able to let go of another human being to enable people to move forward if the relationship cannot be rescued.

“Both personally and professionally, I’m creatively tuned. Spontaneity is part of my life; and it is important for me to create something new and different within music and song, also within Greenlandic culture and traditions. I blend them with poems, songs, and both modern and old music. Nature influences my creations. It’s where I get inspiration and my songs are often about feelings where nature and animals are mixed and compared”, Lyberth said.

To watch Thelma’s debut, see the video below.

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