AQQA(LU) ENGELL / UYARAKQ – Full time dad; Part time superhero

Let’s have a look at the Greenlandic musician Aqqalu Engell and his new album.

Aqqalu or just Lu, is better known by the stage name Uyarakq is an unique Greenlandic musician, Producer and DJ. He has just been nominated for the Koda Awards 2014 for his human uniqueness and for his work for the Greenlandic music scene. In  2014 he released his debut album and after that the success continued with a new album, ”Raatiu Nukik” released in November 2014.

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Electronic Music in Greenland doesn’t find favour with everyone. Maybe because a lot of people think that this kind of Underground Music isn’t really quite a pleasant thing because it’s the same noise from beginning to end. But here I take a quite different view. When I listen to the ”Raatiu Nukik” album I really feel I find a hidden noisy secret in each tone. And in addition to this I can feel the artist’s energy so deeply and warmly. I remember Lu once said that he hoped that people gradually would become aware of the Electronic Music. I can only agree with him. Let’s keep an open mind towards this innovative genre of music.

To get a greater understanding of this amazing artist and his music I have asked him a few questions about his new album.

What did inspire you to make the ‘Raatiu Nukik’ album?

“Talking about inspiration when I was doing the ‘Raatiu Nukik’ album there was almost none, it was only the joy of making music that kept me going.  At that time I didn’t feel fine mentally and every day was a struggle to move on. And then, what was better than ”Raatiu Nukik” which means ”Muscle Radio”. I really like the title because it is so in line with the music, it is full of energy, strong and tireless.”

How long time did it take to make this album?

“All in all the process has taken place for a long time, but it was carried out during the spring last year right after my debut album had been released. Talking about the songs themselves it could easily be an average around 12 hours work in every song. However, at the same time I was playing my new electronic music about 3-4 hours every day.”

What is your favorite track on the album?

“I like the whole album but my favorite track is definitely ”Nukik”. It’s the only one where I’m singing and in particular it’s this part of the album which touches my feelings. I planned to relate the whole song to nightmares but before I knew it and the day arrived where I had planned to start working on the second verse, one of my good friends committed suicide the day before. Therefore it’s also related to suicide. Finishing the song I found out that I didn’t have to re-write the first verse. All together it made sense.”

When did you work best, during the day?

”Raatiu Nukik” was produced mostly late by night, after my kids where put to bed. In fact I didn’t mean to do one more album last year, but I was depressed and wanted to escape from reality, and the best I could do to solve my problem was fleeing my responsibilities by opening the computer and make Electronic Music. Before I knew it I had enough songs for a new album. That’s how ”Raatiu Nukik” became a reality. At that time I wouldn’t have guessed that there was another way to do it. Maybe today I will act differently but then I may ask myself whether there will be a new album or not. So generally I am proud of myself and I solved the problem my way and I am proud of this album.”

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