The bumblebee band – Small Time Giants

If you travel to South Greenland you may have all kinds of great experiences, but a mind-blowing concert is not likely to be one of them. Nonetheless, South Greenland has fostered some of the most skilled and internationally oriented bands and artists that the national scene has ever witnessed (just think of Simon Lynge, Angu and Hans Mortensen). Staying put has however not been an option for any one of these artists, and neither has this been the case for the band behind the most anticipated debut album in Greenland this year – Small Time Giants.

Starting out as a high school band in the regional capital Qaqortoq, the band members eventually left for Denmark to see just how far their music and “total lack of propriety” (as they have themselves put it) could take them. Most of them had only just learned to play an instrument by then. In that sense they were a bit like the Sex Pistols but without a sly manager with a master plan, and they should have failed miserably. But they didn’t, because of an almost mad persistency. Or at least they failed with a sense of rock n’ roll dignity to them. Like when lead singer Miki Jensen sprained his ankle at one of the more mundane venues in Copenhagen, when finishing a concert off by jumping from a four meter high balcony, or when at a concert in Tivoli the band reinvented paggaa, a Greenlandic tradition of throwing money out to people as a form of celebration. Small Time Giants however threw out 50cl cola bottles (they hit a lot harder than money) of their personal favorite – Jolly Cola, as a protest against the dominance of Coca Cola on the Greenlandic market.

Heart Beats a Broken Heart by Small Time Giants

Click to see STG’s music video Heart Beats a Broken Heart

Furthermore, these guys did not only take on the Danish music scene, they also began touring substantially in Europe as support for a more well-known English band that however went bankrupt during the tour (needless to say, Small Time Giants continued the tour without them), and in 2011 Small Time Giants managed to raise enough money to take their music back to Greenland where they have eventually become one of the most sought after live bands.

It is rare in Greenland that bands are hyped prior to releasing a debut album, but exactly this has been the case for Small Time Giants. It is practically unheard of that the bestselling album in Greenland with a Greenlandic band features English lyrics rather than Greenlandic, but this has also been the case for Small Time Giants debut album Stethoscope that came out in October, 2014.

Small Time Giants is the band that shouldn’t be possible, but the result is nonetheless brilliant because the band insists on being marvelous!

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