Greenlandic musicians from an international perspective:

Every well-informed person who knows anything about our large northerly island called Greenland knows that everyone plays in a band.

Well, not quite. Since I just made that up I can’t really confirm this fact, but it’s true that EVERYONE knows someone who is in a band. It’s more assumed knowledge

The number of musicians walking around never cease to surprise me. Get out of Beverly Hills and walk around the streets of capital Nuuk – it’s so easy to spot a star in this city.

The first day I arrived in Greenland almost two years ago, my friend took me on a tour of the capital city. When we walked around the only shopping center in Greenland, he grabbed me and pointed at a guy with a rough mop of curls.

“Look, that’s the most popular guy in Greenland right now! He plays in a band that means polar bear,” my friend said. For those of you who know just a little about music in Greenland, you can probably guess that it was Frederik Elsner from Nanook. (lead singer sitting down in photo below).

Photo by Steen Olsen

One of the first parties I ever went to, I met a girl who was studying in Copenhagen, Denmark, and back in Greenland on holiday. We sat on the floor, ate chips and beer and just talked about life. She had sass and pizazz and seemed years older than her age. Her name was Malu Rohmann Fleischer. This Saturday, Nov. 15 2014, she’ll be singing with her sultry voice at the Sume concert at Pumpehuset.

Then there are the unexpected musicians. The ones you never suspected until they suddenly reveal themselves when you least expect it. Like at 30th parties, you’ll find out that the birthday boy is actually a closet heavy metallist in a business suit. Or the guy you play football with is also a passionate pop rockster.

So if you ever visit Greenland, don’t forget the music!


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