MALU ROHMANN – kicking up the snow in Greenlandic music

The Greenlandic music scene is as alive and bustling as ever, both in Greenland and Denmark. Malu Rohmann, a Copenhagen-based singer-songwriter, has been writing and performing her own music since 2010 and is one of several new talents emerging on the Greenlandic scene.

Rohmann is to this date unsigned and is yet to release an EP – therefore her jazzy, pop and soul-inspired songs can only be enjoyed on her Soundcloud, a few videos on Youtube and at her shows. But she does not limit herself to those genres – she’s also collaborated with Greenlandic bassproducer/DJ Uyarakq and the rock-band Malik, both released as singles.


Maybe it’s her age, maybe it’s her musical upbringing, but Rohmann and her band is adding something new to the Greenlandic music scene with her spunk and curiousity on exploring subjects as identity, nationality and emotion in her English lyrics.

Her characteristic voice reaches through the speakers and caresses the ear in a way I haven’t heard in Greenland music before – Rohmann is making way for a new generation of Greenlandic musicians playing different genres than the rock and pop that has been dominating Greenlandic popular music the past decades.

Despite the lack of releases, Rohmann attracts solid audiences at her shows and has played several festivals in both Denmark and Greenland, such as Nipiaa Rock Festival, Greenland in Tivoli and Copenhagen Songwriter Festival, where she received the award for ”Emerging Female Artist, Greenland” in 2013.

The future looks promising for Ms. Rohmann – needless to say she is very talented and I will certainly be keeping an eye and ear on her!

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/malu-rohmann

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