Hans Mortensen, For Akia, and the Feeling of Greenland

His friends from the music scene in Greenland speak of him as the greatest international talent to have ever come out of Greenland, but they also mention, that he is himself the biggest threat to his own musical potential. Hans Mortensen is a complex person, but with his new band For Akia this complexity seems […]


Gangsta’ in Greenland

Within the last year, the Godfathers of Greenlandic hip-hop, Nuuk Posse, have twice filled up the cultural venue of Greenland, in Nuuk, for an anachronistic performance of a time when all the 30-plus-something from the capital were young, cool and went to Disco Palace downtown on weekends. This performance would perhaps be pathetic, if it […]


The bumblebee band – Small Time Giants

If you travel to South Greenland you may have all kinds of great experiences, but a mind-blowing concert is not likely to be one of them. Nonetheless, South Greenland has fostered some of the most skilled and internationally oriented bands and artists that the national scene has ever witnessed (just think of Simon Lynge, Angu […]

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